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Saturday, April 07, 2012

TELL ME A SECRET auf Deutschland!

Wie erstaunlich (how amazing)! TELL ME A SECRET is now available in German, published by Baumhaus Verlag and translated by Christina Pfeiffer. They did a gorgeous job with the cover! And I think, just maybe, they were influenced by the art in the trailer we made for TELL ME A SECRET (which I think is awfully cool):

I even have my first review in German! The reader called it "anspruchsvolles und sehr nachdenkliches" (complex and very thoughtful). Thank you!

You can get a German copy here!


  1. At the moment I'm reading the book and It's wonderful! The story draws me in its spell and i can't stop reading,you are a wonderful writer.
    I will write you an e-mail soon (when i've finished the book)
    Good job!
    Greeatings from germany,Marie 16.

  2. Danke schön, Marie! What very kind things to say! I hope you enjoy the rest of the book.