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Monday, January 16, 2012

Words Have Power...Author Edition!

For the last day of the DON'T BREATHE A WORD tour, I put together a surprise...a bunch of YA author friends stopped by to share a few of their powerful words!

Special thanks to Beth Kephart, Denise Jaden, Melissa Walker, Justina Chen, Lish McBride, Lisa Schroeder, Sarah Jamila Stevenson, CJ Omololu, Stephanie Kuehnert, Tara Kelly, Joëlle Anthony, Stasia Ward Kehoe, Janet Fox, Tina Ferraro, and Janet Lee Carey!

And now you're probably wondering who won prizes from the DON'T BREATHE A WORD launch day? I think you should get some! Here are the winners:

Joli at Actin' Up with Books, Lisa at ShatterBooks, Aine at AinesRealmBooks,
Vivien at Dead Tossed Waves, Cristina, Crystal, and SJune!

Thank you to everyone for coming along for the ride, and check out the full DBAW tour for...well, everything you probably ever wanted to know about the book. :)

I hope you love DON'T BREATHE A WORD!


  1. Haha, "Birds are powerful. Oh words, those too"

  2. Now I just need Stephanie's books all the more. I write for the same reason. I wrote up a whole vlog script for "words have power," but this week my grandmother was hospitalized, so I didn't have time to film. : ( Maybe I'll use the script for a Totally Booksessed video soon.

    Congrats, again, Holly!


  3. Britta, ha, that's my favorite line! I giggle every time.

    Gabriell Carolina, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother and hope she recovers quickly! Hugs to you. Yes, Stephanie's books are so wonderful. I think you will love them.

  4. What a great message and wonderful video!

  5. Typing words here to thank you for sharing yours!