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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Words Have Power Video Contest!!!

The idea behind DON’T BREATHE A WORD is that Words Have Power.
Joy is suffocating—not only from asthma and her overprotective family, but also in a secretly abusive relationship. She escapes to live on the streets of Seattle and meets up with a band of homeless teens who teach her about life and love. When one of her new friends is in danger, she has to make a choice: will she save his life and go home to face her demons, or will she stay silent and safe?

When I first started writing, I didn’t realize I would write about abuse…but then this character, Asher, showed up. He was seductive, and powerful, and cruel. Suddenly I realized, this was about Joy realizing that words have power—his do, but so do her own.

Where did Asher come from? I didn’t have to look very far—he came from my own life. I wrote about that relationship in DEAR BULLY: 70 AUTHORS TELL THEIR STORIES (my story is “Midsummer Nightmare”). It’s the real life backstory to DON’T BREATHE A WORD. Through both my own story and the novel, my hope is that readers will realize that their words have power, too.

So we are having a contest (rules below)! Create a video with the theme WORDS HAVE POWER, and you could win fabulous prizes that SHOUT OUT LOUD! how powerful you are.

First prize:
Signed copies of Don’t Breathe a Word and the Tell Me a Secret audiobook,
a signed collage TMAS print (my art!), a signed DBAW graphic print, and other swag!

3 Runner-Ups:
Signed copies of Don’t Breathe a Word and the Tell Me a Secret audiobook,
a handmade DBAW magnet set, and other swag!

Plus, for every video entry, I will donate $10 (up to $500) to Hope for Sexually Exploited Girls, a wonderful charity helping girls around the globe find their own freedom and power.

Words Have Power! I can’t wait to hear yours.


1. All entries must be posted on YouTube and url sent to Holly by 5pm EST on Friday, January 14, 2012. Holly will favorite all appropriate entries on her channel as they arrive! Contest winners will be announced the following week.

2. Please note in your video or video description that this is for the Don’t Breathe a Word WORDS HAVE POWER Contest and include a link to the contest rules!

3. Videos must be appropriate for all audiences and contain original or Creative Commons content (see Creative Commons Search for more info on what is legal to use).

4. The contest is open to entrants over 14 years old. (International prizes subject to import/export restrictions.)

Have fun, and best wishes on your Words of Power!

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