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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stretches for people who write too much

I'm hard at work on Novel #3 (Four voices...four terrible secrets...one explosive murder that will connect them all...), so I thought I would repost one of my most popular blogs ever when NANOWRIMO season rolls around, especially when Children's Book Insider featured it on their Best Blogs of the Day, yay!

Stretches for People Who Write Too Much

Five thousand words per day: good for the soul, baaaad for the body. Back, neck, and shoulders...ouch!

So my awesome massage therapist gave me a sheet of stretches to do while making a mad dash toward the work-in-progress finish line:

Keep stretching and writing, folks! I'll be back Monday for another 5K. Come one, come all! Let's cross the finish line together.


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