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Monday, January 17, 2011

Author Q&A: rejections and publishing

Gabrielle Carolina asks:

How many rejection letters you received before your acceptance?

TMAS received a pre-empt offer from one of several interested editors...so I never really got a rejection for that book. However...I do have a lovely collection of rejection letters from various stories and picture book manuscripts from before I started writing YA. So if you are subbing manuscripts and getting rejection letters, don't let that stop you from working harder on your stories and trying again!

When did it 'click' for you that TMAS would be published?

I was about to board a plane for an SCBWI writing conference when my agent called with the news that my publisher wanted two books. I don't think I needed a plane - I floated all by myself to the conference! Then my incredibly sweet and always supportive husband sent a gigantic bouquet of roses. (!)

Where did you see your first shelved copy?

On the day my book released, my niece and I headed to Third Place Books (one of our wonderful local indie stores!) to see it on the shelf and to sign all of the copies they had. It was an amazing day, after working hard for many years!

Thank you for your questions, Gabrielle Carolina!


  1. So true what you say about rejection, Holly...My debut, A BLUE SO DARK, was rejected more than 80 times before it was accepted. (Is that a record???)

  2. Great answers. Glad it went so well for you.