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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

YA Bloggers Want...Everything that makes YA unique: Lesley Says

Welcome to Lesley of Lesley Says today for What YA Bloggers Want. Lesley has been a faithful reader here, and I really appreciate her dedication to books and readers.

I think what Leslie wants most is for adult readers to discover the wonders of YA. We do, don't we? I hope more adults discover these books, written from the heart and soul.

Give it up for Lesley!


Perhaps the #1 misconception about Young Adults books is that they are meant for young adults. I know. I was guilty of it. When I was younger, I was happy to head for the YA section in my library but when I got older and was still doing that, I wondered if something was wrong with me.

I began experimenting with more "grown up" books but something was missing - the gorgeous world building, the fragile coming of age characters, the stimulating ideas that could only come from trying to make sense out of a larger, broader world. And like the prodigal daughter, I found myself gravitating towards YA again. I'm glad I did or I would have missed out on Hunger Games, Shiver and Before I Fall. I've now staked my corner in the YA section and made myself comfortable because I plan to be there for a long time.


Thank you, Lesley!

Readers, have you been like the prodigal daughter, straying to another genre of books and back again to YA? What do you think YA has that other genres don't?

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  1. Haha, I, too used to feel weird spending large amounts of time in my library's YA section. (Both when I was ten, and supposedly "too young", and now, when I'm supposedly "too old", albeit not by much)

    A few years ago I got tired of YA for some reason, and was faithful mostly to the sci-fi/fantasy section of my library. But the SFF section, though it has really great world-building, lacks those relate-able characters that YA has. (I still lurk in the SFF section, but I check out mostly YA, now)

  2. I think YA is the bridge between Middle Grade and Adult. It is ore mature than middle grade, but not as complicated as adult. Also, it has much more relatable characters than I've seen in the other genres.

  3. I'm considered a "young adult" and quiet honestly, I doubt I will stop reading YA. I don't think it's weird for people who are not teens to read YA...

  4. Thanks so much for having me, Holly.



  5. Great post! I was directed to YA only within the last few years and have commenced converting all my friends :)

  6. After I had my daughter I figured it was kind of time to grow up hahahah so I started moving over to other areas of the Library. Then I found myself reading less and less and as a gift for Christmas my sister got me Twilight and I decided to give it a chance. I guess it kind of got me back into the book scene. Then I started reading books for Netgalley and I was hooked. The Iron Fey series was also one of the series that drew me back to YA.

    I totally went through the same phase.