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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

writing secrets, tmas secrets, and nice bloggers!

First of all, thanks to very sweet bloggers Gabrielle Carolina of The Mod Podge Bookshelf and budding author/blogger Suzy Turner for awarding me a blog award! I really appreciate all of your support of me and the blog and am sending a big bloggy hug in gratitude.

Author friend Molly Blaisdell is hosting the Fifth Annual Golden Coffee Cup all month over at her blog, and she invited me over today to offer a few secret writing tips to help you along in your journey. Get some cherry caramels and savor the victory. Here's my LLAP high five for you:

Last but not least, wonderful debut YA author Shari Maurer (Change of Heart) invited me to her blog today to chat about Tell Me a Secret (and other secrets, of course...many of them involving dessert). I had the pleasure of meeting Shari at the Class of 2K10 event at BEA, and she is just lovely. Thank you, Shari!


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