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Monday, November 22, 2010

Oooh, an update.

I've been doing some housekeeping around the blog and website...here's what's updated:

My FAQ (with actual Tell Me a Secret Frequently Asked Questions!)
My HarperTeen Site (with new events, pics, and links!)
New! TMAS Discussion Questions, just in case you want to...you know, discuss.

Plus I just added a bunch of goodies to my calendar, at right. Including a TMAS party in Kirkland, WA on December 4th!!!

Fresh info is coming soon about the Tell Me a Secret audiobook: we're already at Chapter 28 on the FREE(!) serialized podcast. Haven't downloaded it yet? Check it out now! (Full version available soon...)

***Sooooooo....I have a question for all of you readers. What would you like to know? About the writing process, about Tell Me a Secret, about publishing, about the next book (Don't Breathe a Word, coming Fall 2011!)? About anything?

Post your questions in the comments below, and I will try to blog about them throughout December! Thank you!


  1. I want to know how many rejection letters you received before your acceptance.

    When did it 'click' for you that TMAS would be published.

    Where did you see your first shelved copy?

  2. How did you plan your awesome blog tour for TMAS? How did you pick the blogs you visited? Also, in retrospect what do you think worked and what would you do differently.

    Finally, I promise this is the last, what if anything did you do to let libraries know about your book?