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Sunday, October 10, 2010

YA Bloggers Want...Amazing YA Movies: Book Crazy

Today I welcome Jenn from Book Crazy to talk about what she'd like to see in YA, and she had a surprise for me - great YA movies!

I grew up with John Hughes movies, so I fully admit to loving YA movies done well. And who wouldn't want to see their novel come to life on the silver screen? (Or, if you're S.E. Hinton, Laurie Halse Anderson, Rachel Cohn or David Levithan, getting to cameo??)

Jenn is here to make her case for YA movies done well.

Welcome, Jenn!


It's nothing new to have a book turned into a movie, we have all seen it done a thousand times before - a director or producer reads a book or sees the hype surrounding one, and thinks, “Hey wouldn't it be great to see this on the big screen, after all, look how well Harry Potter and Twilight did.”

And while, on one hand, I think it's amazing, especially for the authors - being contacted about movie rights to your book would be like icing on the best cake ever made, right? Not to mention seeing your work in lights, seeing actors portray characters you dreamed up, seeing your “world” created right there in front of your eyes.

But, here's the kicker – what about the fans of the book?

As a young adult book lover, I covet books, relish the stories with in them, they are my escape from the world, my secret hiding place, if you will...

And the thought of them being turned into the next “big movie” is scary, to me....it's not that I don't want these amazing stories to get their place in the sun, I do! I LOVE the idea of seeing the “world” that is within the pages of books like The Light of Asteria or Promise. Or to see the intensity of the character interactions in books like Tell Me A Secret and Amy & Roger's Epic Detour. Or even to see exactly how things fit together and unfold in books like Birthmarked and Paranormalcy.


Had I not read Twilight before I saw the movie, I am not sure I would EVER picked it up...um hello – stalker, broody, vamp guy after a beautiful human girl, who is like a drug to said vamp guy? Not to mention that they seem to fall in love, how? In the whole movie, which is 120 minutes long, I think Bella and Edward probably “talked” for all of what, like 5 minutes – how does one fall in love with 5 minutes worth of conversation?

So, while I am THRILLED that these books are getting the recognition they deserve, I am worried too – I don't want these amazing works of fiction to lose what makes them unique and beautiful to me, just so I can see what some director thinks the “set” should look like or what some producer sees as the perfect heroine!

So, I urge you - directors, producers, screenwriters and movie people – if you are going to take our beloved Young Adult novels and make them into movies, do it right, not fast! Please, do it while keeping the integrity of the work!


Hear hear. Thank you, Jenn!

Readers, what YA books would you like to see as movies?
What YA movies do you think have been done well, and which ones did you think were terrible? Would you read the book after seeing the movie, even if you didn't like it?

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  1. I would love to see Beautiful Creatures, The Knife of Never Letting go, The Hunger Games, and Tunnels as a movie. They are all amazing!

  2. I can't wait for The Hunger Games (I so hope they do it justice and don't ruin it!), The Mortal Instruments series could be really cool, Shiver is one of my favorites and I hope the movie would stay true to it, Heist Society could be such a fun Ocean's 11 type movie, and I hope that If I Stay is as powerful as a movie as it was in book form.

    I always push the books hard to my eighth grade students right before the movies come out. I want them to realize for themselves how much better the book can be. And then after the movie it out, I push them even harder to read the book if they haven't to see how much better it is than the movie so they can see how much more you can get from reading the book and getting inside the character's head that can't come across in a movie (i.e. Twilight)

  3. I completely agree with Jen. I would love to see something like The Light Of Asteria (which is now one of my all time favorites!) on the big screen, but I would be scared they would fail to capture of purity and honesty of the relationship between Nora and Gavin. Books are their own art form. The way they take the reader deeper, further inside the mind of the protagonist so that you become apart of the story- not just a witness to it for two hours. Though I honestly can't wait to see The Hunger Games, but I also believe that doing books that contain a lot of action might be done better by Hollywood. I just hope they don't mess it up! Great interview! This is a super good topic and I also can't wait to read Tell me a secret!

  4. I agree with Jen also. I would love to see The Hunger Games on the big screen but I'm worried about how they will not mess anything up too drastically. At least try and stick to the book!

  5. As long as they didn't butcher these movies, The Hunger Games, GONE, City of Bones, Daughters of the Moon, and lastly, Glass Houses by Rachel Caine. I like movies that stay true to the books, aka. NOT Percy Jackson.

  6. The Twilight movies are starting to drain me, I am completely forgetting why I fell in love with the apple-covered book in the first place. Beastly is coming out and I scrambled to get a copy before I saw the film, same with I Am Number Four. I won’t read a book having already seen the movie, unless it’s a movie that I fall in love with. I fell in love with Clare and Henry from The Time Travelers Wife and am now reading it as well as watching the DVD five times a day.

  7. I think the Harry Potter movies were done pretty well they stayed fairly true to the book yet not word for word. I doubt the books would be so popular without the movies.
    I am not a huge fan of going from movie to book. In general when movies stay true to the book, the book is boring to read because you already know what will happen. But I also don't like watching movies from books for the same reason. I will only watch the movie to 1) see how well the movie was done or 2) if I haven't read the book in a while so I don't remember what happened


  8. Even more than movies, I wish that there were a great TV series for today's teens. I had My So-Called life for my mid-teens and then Freaks and Geeks came out when I was in my late teens. These shows were amazing. And, I just don't think that there is anything out right now that goes as deep or is as quirky/ cool. Maybe I'm missing something?

    mrsderaps @ hotmail . com