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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tomorrow Night: Inside Story!!

I'm ridiculously happy to be taking part in this year's Inside Story, a Seattle-area book party put on by SCBWI Western WA to showcase new releases by local authors.

Do you know why I'm excited?! Because I've been an SCBWI member for ten years...and this is the first time I get to participate as an author! It's one of those goals I've always had as a writer, and I can hardly believe the day has come. I'm even more excited that the theme is HOPE. Yes.
Come join us tomorrow night at 6:30 PM at Parkplace Books in Kirkland (directions) to see this fabulous lineup talk about the "story behind the stories":

Kevan Atteberry

Bonny Becker

Erik Brooks

Royce Buckingham

Liz Callen

Janet Lee Carey

Holly Cupala

Barbara Caridad Ferrer

Karen Kincy

Laura McGee Kvasnosky

Karen Lewis

Liz Mills

Maggie Smith

Kathryn Thurman

Michele Torrey

Jesse Joshua Watson

Conrad Wesselhoeft

Suzanne Williams

Dori Jones Yang


  1. Congratulations, Holly! Your hard work and persistence paid off. Can't wait to see you on the main stage. xo

  2. Yeah! I'll be there! - Stasia

  3. Hooray! I'm so excited you two are coming.

  4. I wish you did, too, Jess - that would be a blast!

  5. How cool you get to participate as an author. Enjoy it.

  6. Thank you, Natalie! It will be your turn to do book events soon enough...