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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cynsational!! And...come title my novel?

Quick post about cool stuff: Cynthia Leitich Smith of Cynsations (and TANTALIZE! and ETERNAL!) invited me to chat about "the call," fifty roses, and getting into Miranda's head right here. Check it out!


YA Addict invited me to talk about failed drafts and awesome people in my life who see my stories not just as they are, but as they should be. (Plus a bunch of other cool authors talking about the power of failure!) Thanks, Jami!

It's not too late to vote for the TELL ME A SECRET trailer for the School Library Journal Trailie Awards! Hooray! Voting closes 10/22. (I know it's a huge longshot, but still...wow! Thank you, SLJ!)

And...2nd novel update...

TITLES! We need a title. Any ideas? Here's my quick summary:

[YOUR TITLE HERE!] is the story of a girl who runs away from her suburban home for secret reasons to join a band of homeless teens on the streets of Seattle—there's grit, there's romance…and an amazing boy. It’s about what it means to love.

Seriously, if we pick your title, I will personally send you a signed ARC when they become availalble. Collective brainpower, help!

Oh, and here's the TMAS trailer in case you missed it. ;-)


  1. How about Feels Like Home?

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Holly! =)

  3. What about Bolt as in a sudden movement toward or away, but also each of the teens is a like a bolt helping to hold together the others.

  4. How about making a play on the word homeless: "Loveless" or "Homeless in Seattle" (Sleepless in Seattle :) )

    "Running Forward"
    "Leave Behind"
    "Running Into You"
    "Running Toward You"
    "Chasing Love"

    That's all I got for now, I hope one of these stimulates you to think of the title. Good luck!!

  5. What about Searching for Solace?

  6. No idea...

    "Destination Undecided"
    "Taking Back-streets"
    "Home Under Compass"
    "En Route to Nowhere"
    "Walking Away"


  7. Fight or Flight
    Pushing On
    Forget It
    Home in the Rear View
    Turn Left
    Turn Right
    Go Home
    Turn Back
    No Turning Back
    Can’t Return
    To Never Return
    She Was Me
    Like Magic
    I’m So Gone
    Lonely in a Reckless Crowd
    Sleeping Under The Stars
    Sleeping Under The Space Needle
    Home on The Streets
    Street Life
    Better Than You
    A Place To Call Home
    Somewhere Better
    Someplace Wonderful
    Searching for Somewhere
    Searching for Something Better
    Searching For Somewhere Wonderful
    Leaving No Trace
    Left No Trail
    Bread Crumb Trail
    Secret Streets
    Street of Secrets
    I’ve Never Told Anyone
    Glow of The Streetlamps
    Kissing In the Glow of Seattle Lights
    Seattle Lights
    Finding Home
    Returning Home
    Never Home
    Always Home
    A House is Not a Home (Love this, like home can be found on the streets, not in a room, with love, not obligation)
    I’m Leaving
    I’m Gone
    I Ran
    I Got Out
    Leave This Town
    Freedom of the Streets
    Running Home
    Where the Love Lies Crying
    Come Back
    Crying Help
    Crying Home
    Your Imperfections Are Showing
    Street Walker
    Crying Wolves
    Dodging Reality
    Chasing Nightmares
    Girl: Wanted
    Girl: Runaway
    Little Girl Lost
    Lost and Found
    Leaving Destiny
    What I Lost And Where I Was Found (oh, I love this one!)
    Hurry Up
    Past the Point of No Return
    Leaving Only Footprints
    Leave Only Footprints
    Taking Courage
    Going Backwards
    Running Far, Far Away
    How It Feels
    I Was A Teenage Runaway
    Lullabye of the Streets
    Silent Night
    Loosing Your Footing
    Misjudging the Distance
    Far From You (I like this one!)
    Flying and Falling
    Between The Shadows
    Running The Race
    Race You Home
    Race You
    Home Again, Home Again
    Love Don’t Live Here
    I Can’t Stay
    I Can’t Find It Here
    I Can’t Find It
    Racing Heart
    Racing Hearts (I love this!)
    Come So Far
    Run So Long
    You Don’t Know
    Lost, Gone, Bye
    Forgotten Paths
    Cold, Hard Truth
    Rain, Wash It All Away
    Wash It All Away
    Seattle Streets and Me
    On My Own
    Seattle Streets
    Tough Crowd
    Rough Neighborhood
    And Only I Know Why
    Only I Know Why
    Only I Know
    I Know Why
    Can’t Look Back
    Don’t Look Back
    Won’t Look Back
    Didn’t See It Coming
    Never Went Home
    She Never Came Home
    Never Came Home
    She Never Went Back
    Moving Foreward
    Pushing Past
    Distant Memories
    All In My Mind
    Distant Memories
    Seattle Storms
    Street Fog
    On the Foggy Seattle Streets
    Under the Moonlight
    In The Lamp Light
    By The Glow of the Street Lights
    Street Lights
    Running Out of Lies
    Leaving Tears
    No Place Like Home
    New Home
    Home is Where The Heart Is
    My Heart Lies Here
    My Heart Rests Here
    I Found My Home
    I Found Home
    How I Found Home
    I think that effort should also qualify as signed ARC worthy! ;)

  8. He Is Home
    He’s Home to Me
    He is My Home
    In His Arms, I’m Home
    I Found Home
    How I Found Home
    He Led Me Home
    He Brought Me Home
    Better Than Home
    Here Is Home
    Here’s To Home
    The Roof Over My Head
    I Can Hear The Rain Fall
    He and I are Home
    He and I

  9. WOW! A+ for effort and great ideas, everyone! There are some terrific suggestions in here.

    How did you know there was kissing under the glow of Seattle lights...? Has someone been peeking at my manuscript? ;-)

    Thanks so much for the suggestions! We'll add them to our list of possibilities and see what we come up with...I think it will be a couple of months before we can announce the official final title. So stay tuned, and keep the ideas coming!

  10. Hmm....

    Where the Streets are Paved
    End of the Road
    These Streets
    Dumpster Love (or Love Dumpster)
    Secret Streets
    Love in an Alley

  11. Dumpster Love!!! I love that. Not quite right for this story, but oh, if only I could write that. There is a really funny dumpster diving scene at the end of my favorite chapter...

  12. Searching Seattle
    Running Into Love
    The Meaning of Love
    Cherishing Seattle
    Finding Solace
    Finding Paradise
    Dream of So Much More
    Show Me the Way

  13. You Can’t Go Home Again
    You Can’t Go Home
    She Walked Away
    Never To Return
    Come Home
    Return To Me
    Find Me Home
    Northern Star
    He Is My Northern Star
    Reflect Me
    Back At You
    Who’s To Say?
    Keeping Secrets
    Secret Streets
    Street of Secrets
    He Knows My Secrets
    All My Life
    In Your Hands
    Crying Wee-Wee-Wee All The Way Home (have you seen that commercial, oh my gosh, so funny!)
    Comfort Me
    Amazing Love

    Holly, when you say “…and an amazing boy…” there is going to be some smooching!

  14. A title for your book:
    "Tears Like Rain on Concrete"

  15. You people should be writing your own novels with all of these terrific title suggestions.

    Gabrielle, ha, no, I haven't seen that commercial! Reflection/Refraction is just a cool title idea in general. I can see it as a mirror image on the cover, like for some kind of mirror world fantasy. Oooh.

    Return to Me is actually the title of my friend Justina Chen's next novel, which is sure to be amazing!

  16. It's a Geico (sp?) commercial, you should look it up!

    Funniest thing is, I had the hardest time naming the book I'm working on. *le sigh*

    I agree, the cover of that book would be intense!

    I'll have to look up Return to me on goodreads

  17. Street Players
    Love In The Time Of Homelessness
    Street Talk
    You Are Here
    Home To You
    Take Me Home
    Street Rats/Brats
    Looking For Zen
    Love Streets
    Letting The Streets Talk
    Heart Home Street
    Love In A Trash Can
    Dump Dreams
    Hello Heart Street
    Running Away To Paradise
    Chasing Zen
    Runaway Roads