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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bid on #tellmeasecret to benefit Family Violence Prevention Fund!

My friend and fellow 2010 debut YA author Swati Avasthi (the one who I cornered in an elevator to help me wrap my red sari at the SCBWI red party?!) has put together this very cool blog tour and fundraising event:

To spread the word about her novel, SPLIT, and to raise awareness of family violence and prevention, she gathered a bunch of YA authors to donate nifty prizes to benefit the Family Violence Prevention Fund!

Click here to bid on a personalized, signed copy of TELL ME A SECRET!

Plus there is more: critiques from agents and authors! ARCs and t-shirts and signed books! To check out all of the items, go here. And you can follow the SPLIT tour here! TMAS will be Wednesday's featured bid item at The Book Scout's SPLIT tour stop.

Thanks, Swati, Kari, and Kelsey, for featuring me!


  1. Hey! I'm winning right now!! What are you trying to do...hehe!

  2. Oh no, sorry, Angela! Wait, I'm not sorry. ;)