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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Re-visioning for books and bloggers

So I'm in the midst of this completely hair-pulling revision of the second novel, still tentatively titled STREET CREED.

But in all honesty, the hairs really have to go, or be colored and trimmed and styled or something - so it's good news, even if its painful! So wish me luck and maybe a cheer...

In the meantime, I've been thinking about re-visioning on the blog, too. What would you readers like to see? More writerly stuff? More books and authors stuff? More everyday random stuff?

I'll still have Story Secrets, at least through the end of this year and beyond. And I'll still do occasional TMAS Tuesdays or DIY Fridays, if there's something fun going on.

(Speaking of which, did you know we're still uploading serialized chapters of the free Tell Me a Secret audiobook podcast??? Download it here!)


  1. I like writerly stuff. It is interesting to read authors styles and how the process is from start to finish, or even any advice for aspiring authors

  2. Hey Holly! Mandy here...I agree with Kate! More writerly stuff!!! LOL Especially,about the intricate development of charectors =)

  3. I agree with what has been said: I like hearing about the writing process or writing habits. I also just like reading about random stuff -- like what TV shows and movies authors are into, as well as other authors' books.

  4. I agree with Kate. Also any advice on how to write a great query, how to market (you're awesome at that), your experiences in developing and growing your blog, authors, books would be good too.

  5. Revising, new looking blog - wow! Can't wait.