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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TMAS Tuesday: Contest Winners

Hey, everyone, there are still tons of prizes yet to be claimed from the TMAS Blog Tour and Trailer Love Contest! Here's a rundown:

signed 1st edition of TMAS
Kailia Sage
Missie (The Unread Reader)
Kelsey Rae Dickson (Reading or Breathing)
Melissa (YA Bookshelf)

TMAS sneak previews
Meg (Write Meg!)
Gillian Layne
Meredith (Meredithfl)
Maire K (Monster of Books)
Bri Meets Books
Angelique (Vampires and Tofu)
Jami (YA Addict)
Mevurah (The Heart of Dreams)
Adriana (Loves to Read)
Sab (YA Bliss)
Jan (Eating YA Books)
Stop, Drop, and Read!
Kaitlyn in Bookland
Amanda (Another Book Junkie)
Jessica Miller (ireadtorelax)
Yara Santos (TwilightsDance)
Leilani (Leilani Loves Books)
Julie (That's Swell!)
Liza (Who R U Blog)

handmade TMAS magnet & bookmark
Doret (TheHappyNappyBookseller)
Shelby Barwood
Eva's Black Spot

Fan-made bracelet from Hannah S!
M.A. Chase (The Guide to Good Books)

See your name? Contact me with your info! Be sure to include your screen name and where to send the prize. And check out the HD version of the TMAS trailer with the updated audio ( and thanks to all of you for spreading the trailer love!):

1 comment:

  1. OH EM Squeeeeeeeee!

    Thank You!!! I love the trailer and can't wait to read the book!