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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week 5 Recap + Prizes tomorrow!

It's been a pretty crazy week at the TMAS blog tour...here's a rundown:

WEEK #5: July 12 - July 16

Monday: Princess Bookie - super cool recreate-a-cover contest!
Tuesday: HipWriterMama - chatting about writing
Wednesday: Cleverly Inked - secret island vlog tour!
Thursday: Sarah's Random Musings - Sarah interviews TMAS main character Miranda
Friday: Poised at the Edge - the twisted depths of writing TMAS...

WEEK 4 & 5 Prizes tomorrow! TONS of them! I went totally crazy this time.

And here's the nutty Cupala video of the week:


  1. LOL. That was great! Can I go on a road trip with you someday?? Lol. I loved when your Prince Charming popped up!

  2. Aw, thanks! Absolutely! We had a blast filming that. Prince Charming has been my sidekick through this whole thing, and does all the graphics and editing and stuff. ;)

  3. Your road trip looks like fun :) I love your vlogs, they're so much fun to watch!