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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tell Me a Secret Party Secrets!

Thanks to everyone who came to the #tellmeasecret book bash! It was so much fun to celebrate with all of you. I'm hoping to get some of Heidi's pics on the blog and facebook soon!

With all of the announcements and readings and music and trailer preview and excitement, we forgot to share the answers to the secret party game. So here are the secret-keepers, in order of their steamy secrets...

  1. My writing friend, Annie Gage

  2. Liz Gallagher, rgz diva & author of THE OPPOSITE OF INVISIBLE

  3. My best friend since 10th grade, Amy (I was there...I saw it happen!)

  4. My niece, Molly

  5. Dawn Knight, author of MISCHIEF, MAD MARY, AND ME

  6. My husband's mom!

  7. Sara Easterly, graphic novelist and publicist

  8. Judy Bodmer, author of WHEN LOVE DIES

  9. Writing friend, SCBWI blogger and former co-Regional Advisor, Jolie Stekly!

  10. Janet Lee Carey, author of DRAGONS OF NOOR (coming in October!)

  11. Did you guess my mom? You were right!

  12. My friend Heidi, official party photographer!

  13. Justina Chen, rgz co-founder & author of NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL

  14. Clare Meeker, author of CHARGE AHEAD

  15. Author of SHE-SMOKE and BBQ Restaurantrice, Julie Reinhardt

Hope you enjoyed the secrets!


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