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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sneak Preview + Week 3 Prizes!

Really fun stuff coming up this week, including a TMAS art/cover contest from Princess Bookie, writing chat with HipWriterMama, a vlog feature at Cleverly Inked, an interview with Miranda (the main character in TELL ME A SECRET) from Sarah's Random Musings, and writing secrets with Poised at the Edge. Here's the timeline:

WEEK #5: July 12 - July 16

Monday: Princess Bookie
Tuesday: HipWriterMama
Wednesday: Cleverly Inked
Thursday: Sarah's Random Musings
Friday: Poised at the Edge

So, WEEK 3 commenters, you think you should win a prize...? So do I! Going completely crazy this week with prizes. Let's give some:

signed 1st edition of TMAS: Natalie Aguirre, Kayla :)
TMAS t-shirt: Jessica @Confessions of a Bookaholic
Universal Hall Pass CD: Alice E.
TMAS sneak previews: Dani., stilettostorytime, pirate penguin, Bee, latishajean, Tore, BrittLit, Jennie Smith, bkobsessed17, Sushi Roll, Christina, chelleyreads
handmade TMAS magnet & bookmark: Lena

If you see your name, contact me at this link, plus I will try my best to track you down. I will hold prizes for 2 wks!

Plus here's the crazy video of the week - Parent Trap style, plus a cameo of my adorable niece:

(And if that's not enough, more craziness here.) Hope you enjoy, everyone!


  1. YEYY!!! I'm so excited!! Thank you so much Holly!! :)

  2. Hey look! I see my name! lol YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

  3. I'm so excited I won. I can't wait to read your book. Congrats to the other winners.

  4. I'm on chapter 22. I knew I didn't like Delaney! I'm almost wishing I'd taken a speedreading course so I can find out about Andre quicker. My own everyday life is getting in the way of finding out about everyone's secrets! I'll just have to wait until my 5 year old's next nap when I can pick up the book again!