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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She reads, she writes, she acts, she makes the world a more interesting place...

Miss Erin, that is, who posts beautiful pictures and poetry and has a role in a major motion picture coming soon...and she invited me to her blog today to discuss the underlying themes and threads that bind TELL ME A SECRET together. I've been a fan of Miss Erin's for a long time, so it's a great joy to be able to visit her!

Miranda's sister, Xanda, wanted to be an actress - to fly away to Hollywood with her boyfriend Andre and never look back. It's fascinating to watch someone fulfilling such dreams before our very eyes.

Tell Me a Secret - Worldwide Blog Tour

Leave comments here and at Miss Erin's stop to be entered to win this week's secret swag!


  1. Wonder what the secret swag is?

  2. How cool would it be to have your own IMDB page. sweet!

  3. oh my, thank you for the kind words, holly! and thank you for letting me be a part of your blog tour!

  4. Great interview. I love how I'm learning new things about you and about your book from reading all your interviews.

  5. LOL, Natalie - it hounds me, the fear of being boring on this crazy 7 week tour. So I did try hard to be varied! ;)