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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A very special feature at Story Siren

Tell Me a Secret - Worldwide Blog Tour

Today we have a very special feature for the TELL ME A SECRET Virtual Tour...a virtual tour of TMAS locations around Seattle (including the creepy forehead kiss...)!

The movie is premiering with Kristi over at The Story Siren, who not only created the 2010 Debut Challenge, but she chose TELL ME A SECRET as one of her own challenge books and spread the secret word in her own, inimitable way.

I hope you like it...comment at my blog and Kristi's to enter this week's TMAS *prize drawing for signed books and more.

Plus I was invited by the very awesome author Stephanie Kuehnert (BALLADS OF SUBURBIA) to stop by for her Women Who Rock feature (including a TMAS reading and giveaway!), as well as chatting about writing secrets with my fellow debut Jenn Hubbard (THE SECRET YEAR).

Off we go!

(*full entry details here)


  1. The tour was so cute! I love it when books are inspired by or based off real places.

  2. Ashley, I agree with you! I'm so dying to read this, I think Holly knows that :) It becomes an obsession when I wake up, and come directly to the computer and look at her blog :)


  3. Awesome! So far I've told all of my reading buddies about your book and they all went out to by copies for themselves after I raved about how good it was. :)


  4. That's great to be able to picture the place your reading about. Thanks!

  5. Love the video at the Story Siren!

  6. Sounds great. I'm going over there right now :)

  7. Glad you stopped by Story Siren. It's an awesome blog.

  8. I love The Story Siren and its and awesome blog. I'll hop over right now to read your guest post.

  9. I love Kristi, and I LOVE YOU!
    Love, Hannah

    P.s. Aw, awesome video! It was great to see your inspiration behind TELL ME A SECRET. :)