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Sunday, June 27, 2010

#ALA10: Signing at Harper at 3pm!

Hope to see you! And if you give me a book to sign, I'll give you one of these!

Secret candy!

P.S. Did you see this yet?

All I have to say is, it's amazing what the best friend since 10th grade can get a person to do. And many thanks to Sharon Loves Books and Cats for premiering!


  1. This video is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I love it!

    It has to be amazing! Holly is in it :)


  2. I'd like some candy too. LOL in the video I didnt even know it was you at first.

  3. K, that was funny. Makes me want a ninja ski mask.

  4. Secret candy is so cool! Wish I could be there!

    Ah, that video rocks! I *loved* it :') x

  5. Thanks, gals, for not thinking I'm a complete goob (or at least not saying it!). It's all best friend AMY's fault! Our parents thought it was funny. :D