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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Story Secrets winners: BEFORE I FALL and SWOON AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Wow, what a terrific response for last week's Story Secrets author, fellow 2010 debut Lauren Oliver, who came to chat with us about BEFORE I FALL. And I'm SWOONing from all of the super entries we got for Sydney Salter's newest YA, SWOON AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Who won, you ask?

First, we'll award the winner of SWOON AT YOUR OWN RISK...

Drumroll, please:


We were swoony with laughter when we read this entry, from Cleverly Inked:

"Well... My worst moment in a bathing suit had to be when I was 13 I believe. I was such a bean pole and all the girls already had developed. I had not. Well I decided I need to wear padded bras and my bathing suit needed padding too. (duh can't have boobs in clothes then not in a bathing suit) I had my mom buy me a bathing suit and sew pads in it. I thought I looked super cute in my one piece. ERR boy was I wrong. As soon as I got into the water the top part of my bathing suit was weighed down so it looked as if I had saggy boobs that were misshaped!"

*****Congratulations, Cleverly Inked!****

And now we have not one but TWO copies of BEFORE I FALL to give away. In the comments, there were some fantastic stories of friendship and lost opportunities - I think there are a lot of amazing novel ideas in these experiences, and if the commenters haven't thought about writing their stories already, I hope they do! These are the things that make for powerful reading.

We were charmed by this one:

My friends and I are dying to read this book. Being friends with my sister is the best even if our relationship isn't perfect.

and this one:

Something I wish I could change? Well one I'd change is how I left my friend, Greg Consolo, defenseless. People picked on him. A lot. It was all so stupid, too. Not only was Greg incredibly smart, but he was one of the most brilliant drawers. We met in advanced art class, and from then me were inseparable. He was like a cuddly teddy bear with all the comforting he did.

One day I had to leave for a moment to call my mom about lunch. As I was walking back to class, I saw a few kids ganging up on a smaller one.

Poor kid!' was pretty much all that crossed my mind. Then I saw the familiar green shirt peeking out form the small crowd.

It was Greg!

I wanted to help him so badly, but I couldn't move. I was a wimp and was too scared. I should have helped him.

My one major regret is that I didn't help him as I should of.

We remained best friends until last year when Greg moved, and I became part of the "popular" crowd. (It's funny how a new haircut and some fashionable outfits change everything...) But whenever I see someone who needs help, I always stop and do so for Greg. I regret my reaction to his beating, but it was also a valuable lesson learned.

Hey, don't worry! It doesn't end too badly. Greg and I talk every few weeks, and at his new school, he's managed really well. He has a bunch of good friends, and he scored a girlfriend, too! It's same old Greg, but he'd around people who appreciate him.

See? Not ALL of these regret stories end too horribly. :)

*****So congratulations to Dani and Hannah S., who will receive copies of BEFORE I FALL!****

And Josh Sundquist will be back tomorrow with giveaways of his debut 2010, JUST DON'T FALL (I swear, I did not plan this title irony.) I'm doing Story Secrets a day early this week because Thursday is...



  1. Whoa, how cool!
    Thanks so much!
    Love, Hannah S.

  2. You're welcome, Hannah! Just drop me a line in the comment box below and I'll get it out to you soon. :)