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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Story Secrets: JUST DON'T FALL winners

Thanks to everyone who entered to win one of TWO copies of memoirist and inspirational speaker, Josh Sundquist's JUST DON'T FALL: HOW I GREW UP, CONQUERED ILLNESS, AND MADE IT DOWN THE MOUNTAIN.

Josh's story and his positive attitude are inspiring to me, and I hope they were to you, too.

So, on to the winners!


We're sending a copy of JUST DON'T FALL to...

******JET HARRINGTON and D.M. Cunningham!!!!*******

Congratulations, Jet and D.M.! Stay tuned tomorrow for Story Secrets from fellow "2K10 Debut Holly," Holly Schindler, author of A BLUE SO DARK!


  1. Awesome!!! Thank you! Looking forward to reading it and getting inspired.

  2. Oh, how exciting! I'm so stoked, and I could use a little inspiration right now. Thankee!

  3. Boy books are so great! LOVE them!