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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Story Secrets: JUST DON'T FALL by Josh Sundquist + Giveaway!

This is actually a little bit of a departure from the usual Story Secrets - not because it's a "guy" book (we've had Swati Avasthi's SPLIT, Allan Stratton's BORDERLINE) or even because it's a video response (watch Sara Zarr talk about ONCE WAS LOST!) - but because this is the first non-fiction book to be featured.

As a memoirist and inspirational speaker, Josh Sundquist is in the business of telling his own secrets - and he does so with wit, charm, and I daresay a a huge dose of inspiration. Plus he's a really nice guy and didn't mangle my last name. :)

Josh is here to talk about his debut book, JUST DON'T FALL: HOW I GREW UP, CONQUERED ILLNESS, AND MADE IT DOWN THE MOUNTAIN. Welcome, Josh!

The JUST DON'T FALL Giveaway:
We have TWO copies of Josh's book to give away - I gave a copy to my nephew, and he says it's "good." Which is high praise from a guy of few words!

So just leave a comment below about either a) what is inspiring to you or b) why you'd like to read Josh's book. Since there's lots going on this week with Operation Teen Book Drop, I'm extending the usual deadline by one week - we'll tally them up by 5pm PST Monday, April 26 - please include a way to contact you. Comment away!


  1. I love this guy! "Why would you NOT write a book? I just think it's the coolest thing ever." Best.quote.ever.

    Have you seen his Amputee Rap? This chapter of Story Secrets is a great follow-up. Thank you for a great series, Holly.

    Also: what inspires me? Ordinary people doing extraordinary things, single mothers, first responders to disaster, and the innocent wisdom of a four-year-old.

  2. Just Don't Fall, I tell myself that everyday. What an inspiration. Thanks for posting. This books sounds great.

    People that inspire me are those that struggle against the current everyday and make great things happen. They don't accept failure, they don't give up, and they believe.

  3. I'm glad you all are inspired by Josh - I was really impressed by his candor and personableness! (Is that a word?) Anyways, thanks for stopping by!

  4. I'm so eager to read about his courage. How inspiring!
    jpetroroy at gmail dot com

  5. Ooooeee! Another book about falling!

    Would love to have it!

    Loved seeing you with your cute shirts and cheery lip gloss in Washington.