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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Story Secrets: THE HEART IS NOT A SIZE winner!

Thanks to everyone for their comments on our Story Secrets interview with Beth Kephart, and to Beth for coming to talk with us about her beautiful novel, THE HEART IS NOT A SIZE.

We had so many wonderful comments this week, like this, from Amy Baskin:

I would love to travel with my father to Rwanda and other parts of East Africa and help him with micro-financing and small business support for coffee farmers.

And this, from InkGirl:

If I could travel anywhere, I'd travel home, and make sure that in this small place which I think I know so well, everything is alright.

And this, from Sylvia:

I've been to China a couple of times already, but if I was given the chance to go there and make a difference, I will definitely grab the opportunity to change how the people there view women, especially daughters. I'm Chinese myself and I grew up feeling inferior to my little brother just because he is a boy and I think it's really unfair...

Such big-hearted people in the world, which I suppose is the theme of Beth's wonderful novel.

So I suppose you'd like to hear the winner of one copy of HEART?


Congratulations to Charlotte! Thanks to everyone, and keep coming back for more Story Secrets interviews and chances to win great books and meet brilliant authors like Beth.


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