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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Results of the Library Blog Challenge!

Thanks to everyone who commented on the Library Blog Challenge. We had a whopping list of almost 200 commenters (the main post, plus stray comments on the blog and Facebook!), so as promised we are going to donate our blog challenge total ($300, plus my sweetheart matching the total for $600!) for our local library, the Seattle Public Library.


There has been some extraordinary library love this last week all over the blogosphere - you can see the full lineup of Libary Blog Challenge participants (and share the library wealth) over at Jenn's blog, plus Liz B. of A Chair, A Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy suggests taking the library love a step further. To quote Liz:

As you are sharing your library love online, please look into your current public library and its funding situation and see if they need your help. While it may include actual fund raising, the help may also be as simple as your contacting government representatives (local, state, national) to let them know: you use your library.

How to find out more about the budget and funding issues that may impact your local library? Because this can be either a local or state issue, Google and find out what is happening in your state, town, and county and then act! Each state has a library association; find your state's association webpage for resources.

Right on, Liz.
And here is a library-loving poem from my friend, Annie:
Libraries nurture
With books and much more
Who knows the surprises
That they'll have in store?

Thanks for supporting
Our local libraries
People like you
Are as good as the fairies.

Thank you, everyone, for helping support our libraries, and to Jennifer Hubbard, author of THE SECRET YEAR, for organizing this event!

I'll be posting the Tell Me a Secret-inspired prize pack winner on Friday!


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