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Monday, March 01, 2010

Happy Birthday, readergirlz!

Can you believe readergirlz is three years old! Yup, that's right. It was started three years ago this month by four amazing women:

Justina Chen, philanthropist and author of beautiful novels, whose latest, NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL, pretty much blows the socks off of everyone who reads it...

Lorie Ann Grover, verse novelist of novels resounding with heart, such as HOLD ME TIGHT, and who is the glue that holds readergirlz together...

Dia Calhoun, award-winning author of fabulous and thoughtful fantasy such as AVIELLE OF RHIA, and who brings art and grace to everything she does...

Janet Lee Carey (now a "retired" readergirlz co-founder), whose brilliant fantasy novels, such as DRAGON'S KEEP and STEALING DEATH, get to the core of what it means to be human.

These lovely ladies brought me on about six months after they started readergirlz, and I have been there ever since!

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it, and to work with many others who have since become part of the team: Melissa Walker, Mitali Perkins, Martha Brockenbrough, Little Willow, Miss Erin, Jackie Parker, Liz Gallagher, HipWriterMama, Shelf Elf, Elizabeth Scott, and Beth Kephart. This is a team of thoroughly dedicated (and I might add - volunteer!) women who tirelessly contribute to the causes of teen literacy, community, and giving back to others.

Happy Birthday, readergirlz! Here's to many more.


  1. Happy Birthday to readergirlz! HOlly, are you wearing a birthday hat? Hoot! Hoot!

  2. Ahh. Such sweet words, Holly! Thank you! And thanks for everything you contribute. Invaluable!