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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Greg's Happy Accident Giveaway

Greg Pincus was giving away a social media consultation over at his terrific blog, The Happy Accident ("the happy accident: using social media to help create happy accidents"), and I won! Thanks, Greg!

The really cool part, beyond winning , is that Greg, an expert in harnessing the power of social media tools, gave away this consultation to kick off his new social media consultation service.
Want to know about tweeting, friending, facebooking, and following? Greg is your guy. In fact, he came to do a special event workshop session at SCBWI WWA, and I blogged about it here.
So I'll keep you posted on how it goes!


  1. Thanks for the kind words. I'll look forward to seeing you keep us posted! :-)

  2. Well, of course I will have to blog about it! :D

  3. Very cool, Holly. What an amazing prize! Can't wait to read about it.