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Friday, March 19, 2010

DIY Friday: Ooooh. Look at this!

I just stumbled on the coolest site when I was researching...well, nevermind what I was researching, because it will probably be a future DIY Friday. ;)

But in the meantime, I offer...http://www.instructables.com/!

Basically, it's a giant DIY site for just about anything you can imagine, and a lot of stuff you probaby wouldn't. Like...

How to make a chocolate cake in 5 minutes - yay!

How to make a magnetic spice rack - cool!

How to make your own chain mail - whoah.

And my personal favorite, how to make Hornz the Rhinoceros!

How did I miss this? More importantly, what do I want to make first??


  1. I've made the 5-minute cake. It's not too bad in a pinch.

  2. Made cake last night! Not this one - a gluten free one with cooked frosting that you just pour over it. So it was the ~15 min cake. Still, yum.

  3. I made the 5 min cake a few weeks ago, a but bitter but perfect when you need a late night chocolate fix. I had too throw a few extra chocolate chips in but, you know, it's chocolate ;)

  4. Wow -- the 5 minute cake would be DANGEROUS here! Maybe if it's bitter, Emilee, use less chocolate powder and more (milk) chocolate chips???