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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wow. I am on ebay.

I'm sort of speechless. Check this out.

For only $25, you can buy a copy of TMAS "not available to the general public!" and a "pre-1st edition!"

Or...you could come back in a few weeks and I'll be giving a couple away.



  1. So much for the "not for sale" mention on the ARC. If anyone should be making money from your book it's you, not this random person.

  2. I won't sell my ARCs, I'll give them away! (Besides, I think it might be illegal?) But I'd still give them away. :)

  3. I wonder what percent they mail you after the sale?

  4. If auntemsbooks wanted to keep it and read it, I'd send her a signed bookplate! :D