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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Story Secrets: ONCE WAS LOST by Sara Zarr

Sara Zarr is without a doubt one of my favorite authors - she writes down-to-earth, thoughtful stories that could very well be written by your best friend, they are that true.

I first ran into Sara at the second annual Kidlit Blogger Con in an elevator (Holly's Elevator Story #1) and had to keep myself from pouncing on her with my fandom! Luckily I didn't scare her away, and I'm thrilled to welcome her todayto chat (LIVE! a video!) with us about her latest masterpiece, ONCE WAS LOST.

Welcome, Sara!

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  1. Thank you, Holly for bringing Sara to us, and thank you, Sara for sharing the story of this book. I agree - a crisis of faith can apply to more than simply (!) religion. We can have faith in our parents, our friends, our selves, our government, our abilities, etc. and experience a shaking of that faith at any time. Once Was Lost was already on my reading list, but now I'm moving it to the top.

    (Also, great editing, Holly.)

  2. Thanks for having me, Holly.
    Jet - thanks for the comment. I think "crisis of faith" could almost describe the whole adolescent experience...

  3. Thank you so much, Sara and Holly. I loved listening to this "story secret". :)

    Sara, you definitely accomplished creating a great read with this book, but it was so much more than that as well. Adolescence really can be one crisis of faith after another, and with Sam you dealt with this reality so well -- a thought-provoking, compelling story.

  4. Shari - thank you !!

    (Holly - I don't know why I kept calling it "story behind the story" when I meant "story secrets" - synapse malfunction)

  5. I will never forget the day Elizabeth Smart went missing. And I will never forget the day when she was found. I teared up as you talked about watching her in the store, and feeling like you were standing close to a miracle.

    Thanks Sara and Holly!!

  6. Thank you again, Sara, for sharing your story and the impact Elizabeth Smart's kidnapping had on you and ONCE WAS LOST. And definitely, it's the story behind the story that makes it so true and moving.