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Monday, January 04, 2010

2010: Secret Authors! Author Secrets! And Books, Books, Books!

Welcome, welcome, 2010 - it seems some of us have been waiting for you a long time. Now that you're here, we can hardly sit still for all of the excitement!

Together with my fellow 2010 debut friends at AuthorsNow!, The Tenners, and the Class of 2K10, I think we're ready to throw the biggest book party ever.

We'll be celebrating all throughout 2010 here at Brimstone Soup and have some new goodies lined up, including...

Story Secrets!
Every Thursday throughout 2010, I'll have a different author each week - popular, debut, award-winning, all fascinating! - here to talk about the story behind the story. Secrets on the way from lots of favorites, beginning this Thursday with Sarah Beth Durst and ICE!

Author Secrets!
Coming soon, all of the secrets (but none of the spoilers) on TELL ME A SECRET, my debut novel arriving in June 2010. Prizes, contests, swag, and lots of chances to win advance copies! I can hardly wait...

DIY Friday!
Funky Friday, back by popular demand, has had a makeover into DIY Friday. In honor of Xanda, Miranda's older sister in Tell Me a Secret, I'll be posting cool and crafty projects and links, including contests and ways to win fun TMAS stuff.

If you noticed a new look around here, it's all thanks to my wonderful partner in life and crime, Shiraz. (Thanks, honey!) The brimstonesoup url and www.hollycupala.com have merged, so if you link to me, please update - thank you!


  1. Wonderful look to your Web site. I love to visit other sites to get ideas on how to improve mine.

    And your book sounds wonderful.

  2. Woo-hoo! What funness.

    (link updated!)

  3. Happy New Year, Holly, Holly! And the site looks beautiful! Looks like great things coming. Congrats!

  4. Love the new look! It is amazing!

  5. I love how much fun you are having with all this. Just going on your website is like walking into a super-fun party. Wheeeee!