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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Writing Contest from Beth Kephart

Beth Kephart, the first Author-in-Residence over at readergirlz, is running her second writing contest. Prize? A signed copy of NOTHING BUT GHOSTS (which I loved!).

Here are the contest rules:

"In this readergirlz challenge, the premise is simple (and does not involve a video). Find a photograph of yourself as a young child on the verge of some new knowledge or turning point. Write a paragraph about that photograph/that moment in present tense, as if you are experiencing that moment for the first time. Then write about that photograph/that moment in past tense, with the gift of retrospection. Ask yourself what you gain from working in the present tense, and what is gained by reflection; include your thoughts on this with your submission.

Send your entry to kephartblogATcomcastDOTnet by November 25, 2009. Spread the word!

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