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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Imagine writing in a place like this!

From Laurie Halse Anderson:


  1. Damn.

    That is so awesome. Dreams come true. I always kinda thought so.

    Thank you for posting, Holly, and congrats to Laurie for dreaming out loud.

    ~Jet Harrington

  2. Wow. I was taking a wee break and saw this. Wow. This is inspiring.

    Thanks for posting this Holly!!

  3. Amazing! And yet...she has written many a fine book without that. So here's to us, whose cottages live in our imaginations.

    My word verification: fable (!)

  4. Holly, thanks for sharing this. I adore Laurie and am so glad she has the great space.

    I'm wondering where her chickens are!

  5. Gorgeous! The search for my own rose window begins now. For the moment, a snapshot on my laptop will do.

    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring project.

  6. It makes my heart get all happy when good things happen to
    writers - like we're a big family. Yes, here's to our own cottages, full of fables!

  7. As I sit here pounding away on my laptop at my kitchen-counter "office", I really enjoyed that. I'd seen some clips from months ago, but hadn't seen it finished. Is it just me, or does that window look just like an old fashioned pencil-sharpener?