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Monday, November 16, 2009

Conquering the projects, one anthill at a time...

So this week I'm delving further into current projects, both personal and professional...

This ant picture, which I find pretty fascinating, is from a NYT article describing how scientist Ann Dornhaus color-codes ants in order to discover their roles in the colony.

That's kind of like what I do when revising (green=good, yellow=needs help, orange= uh oh..., red=red alert!).

If you happen to be doing NANO-Revise-O, too, don't miss the amazing collection of Revision Tips Jolie and I culled from your favorite authors during Summer Revision Smackdown.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a guest blog from writer friend Annie Gage, and more NANO-whatever-O tips on Thursday!


  1. Holly, how do you mark up your ms? With highlighters? Or by changing font colors? Or????

  2. Aha, perhaps I should post about that...

    The long and the short of it is: an excel spreadsheet!