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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Book Cooks: Purrrfect Strawberry Smoothie from Suzanne Young

Ok, so sometimes you don't have time for homemade desserts and chicken soup from scratch. Like when you're running out of time for working on the galley, and racking your brain for ideas on how to revise #2...

Sometimes it's all you can do just to grab a copy of Suzanne Young's forthcoming (and fabulous, even as I read the advance copy she sent!) YA novel, THE NAUGHTY LIST (available soon!), and blend up the sweetest, naughtiest, most purrrfect strawberry smoothie ever.

And sometimes, a strawberry smoothie is exactly the right thing - especially when you're ready for a Suzanne-worthy, Smitten Kitten adventure.


Purrfect Strawberry Smoothie

Thaw some frozen strawberries (feel free to use fresh fruit, just add a pack of splenda) and place in blender. Mix in two scoops of low fat plain yogurt, orange juice, banana and a cup of ice. Blend well. Sip with a straw and smile. Because you are so Strawberry Smoothie!


  1. MMM. That sounds really good right. Now.

    Looking around.

    No strawberries...

    DANGIT! Will revisit this smoothie. Thank you.

  2. Yummy..

    I can't wait to crack open NAUGHTY LIST.. I'm staring at it now. :)