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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Book Cooks: Nesselrode Pudding from Janet Fox

It's a pleasure to welcome another 2010 YA debut historical fiction author, Janet Fox to Book Cooks. In FAITHFUL, Maggie Bennet is a society girl living in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1904. Her mother disappears and is presumed dead; her father hides behind his grief. On the pretense of searching for Maggie’s mom, her dad takes her to Yellowstone National Park in June of that year and then reveals…well, that’s part of the mystery!

Here's Janet, with a recipe inspired by her novel:


The hotels in Yellowstone at that time were catering to a crowd that included the upper classes, and the accommodations could be quite elegant. Iced puddings were a favorite Victorian dessert, and a particular favorite in the 19th century was Nesselrode Pudding. In the novel I depict a dinner at the National Hotel which was then at Mammoth Hot Springs, including a dessert of Nesselrode Pudding.

Nesselrode Pudding is named for the French diplomat Count Karl von Nesselrode, and was likely invented by his chef in 1814. It was typically made in a mould in the shape of a dome in order to resemble a boiled pudding. The ice would remain soft due to the alcohol, and the Victorians invented ingenious ways to keep it from melting.

Nesselrode Pudding
40 chestnuts, peeled
8 egg yolks
½ lb powdered sugar
1 quart of boiled cream
¼ lb currants
¼ lb raisins
whipped double cream

Blanch the chestnuts in boiling water, and remove second skin. Stew in a simple syrup until soft, then drain and press them through a sieve. Heat eggs, sugar and cream until egg begins to thicken, then mix in chestnut puree and Maraschino; remove from heat and set in ice. Boil currants and raisins in simple syrup; drain and set aside. Pour the chestnut cream into ice cream maker, add whipped double cream and mix until frozen; add the prepared fruit; when nearly ready, put into mould for serving.


Thank you, Janet! Readers, watch for FAITHFUL in in May 2010!


  1. Thanks, Holly!! I might even try to make this dish at Christmas...

  2. It sounds delish, Janet! Thanks again for your contribution.