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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Book Cooks: Homemade Dog Shampoo from Joan Holub

So today we're making a major departure, not in theme but in content (as in, don't eat today's recipe). Joan Holub, author of over 120 books for children and whose latest is SHAMPOODLE(!), is on scene to give us her signature homemade dog shampoo recipe. Take it away, Joan!


You can buy dog shampoo from a pet store or your vet. But if you’re trying to stretch a dollar and want to be sure there aren’t any harsh detergents or perfumes in your pooch’s shampoo, you can make it at home instead.

You’ll need:
A clean, airtight, plastic container (I use a big soda or shampoo bottle.)

In this container mix the following:
1 pint dish soap (Ivory, Dawn, or Dove)
1 pint apple cider vinegar
1 pint water
4 ounces glycerine (at most pharmacies)

Shake vigorously with the lid on. Once it’s well-mixed, label the container as “Dog Shampoo” and store it in a safe, cool place.

Tip: Be sure to shake the container to mix well before each use.

Tip: In the tub, begin washing your pooch from the rear. If you start at the head, expect some shaking and a wet bathroom! Avoid the ears. Rinse well so residue doesn’t cause irritation. Towel dry. Expect your pooch to shake anyway. :o)

This recipe is super cheap to make!


You can also catch Joan and Lorie and Grover over at readertotz, the premier site touting board books for the youngest readers. Thank you, Joan!


  1. Hi Holly,
    I love your idea of posting recipes that relate to author's books. Very cool. And thanks for including me. Maybe there's a book in this recipe idea for you somehow? Count me in and keep me posted if you do it.

  2. Too bad I don't have a dog to try this out on. Very fun! Thanks, Joan and Holly!

  3. Thanks, Joan! Hmm, that's an idea... I'm with Barbara - wish I had a dog to shampoodle!