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Friday, September 11, 2009

DIY Friday: Stealing Death Cookies

That probably sounds odd. What I mean is, Janet Lee Carey's book launch party for STEALING DEATH is tomorrow night, and I'm making cookies for the event!

I can't wait to see the book in the flesh, so to speak, after getting to hear it week by week at our writing group - isn't the cover gorgeous?

The setting for STEALING DEATH is a drought-parched land inspired, in part, by the African desert. So I thought, what better cookies could I make than an African-inspired recipe? I hunted around and found a few: African Corn Meal Cookies, Kashata Na Nazi (coconut candy from Uganda), and Makroud, an Algerian date cookie. Yum. I'm not sure which to try first.

Janet will have a live Marimba band and will be serving Kuhl, a coffee-like drink directly from her novel, and other treats. The party is at Parkplace Books in Kirkland tomorrow eve. I hope to see you!


  1. You are so awesome. Can't wait to try any of those cookies!

  2. I wish I could be there to help you make the cookies. :)
    Have fun!!

  3. I wish you could, too, Erin! The first batch of corn meal cookies just went in...crossing fingers...

    See you on Saturday, Jaime!

  4. YUM!!! Can't wait to try them, Holly!
    And Huge Thanks for giving Dreamwalks a new banner and face lift!! You're the Best!

  5. Love the cover. Cool idea with the cookies.