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Friday, September 25, 2009

Funk Friday Poll: A Wild Hair?

So...I promised a poll. It's something I've been thinking about for a little while.

Celebrities have done it:

Daring and fabulous author friends have done it:

(And that doesn't even count the purple girls.)

So the question is...am I brave enough to do it? I bought this:

I would probably go for something a little more subtle (no, the irony does not escape me), like this:

Should I do it? Poll at right. (i'mnotlookingi'mnotlookingi'mnotlooking!)

UPDATE: Jet has reminded me that I once had red hair (which, I submit, is probably braver than pink hair, in context):

This "wild hair" precipitated meeting Awesome Secret Agent Man, so maybe there's something to the hair=book magic theory?


  1. YES! Do it!! You only live once!

  2. I agree with Kelly! Do it! The beauty of hair is allows for random acts of wild-dom without the threat of permanency. Go, go, pink!

    Looking forward to seeing what transpires, Holly!


  3. pink is perfect for you, and the subtle is sophisiticated. i'm sure it will look darling, and besides, its FUN and daring.

    it may sound odd, but pink hair says brave, adventurous woman.

  4. omg, i just commented, but speaking of pink hair, did you see this totally funny pic on holly black's website?


  5. Why not? Hair is easy to change. Just make sure you take a picture. That way you can either look back and cringe or be motivated to do it again. I went platinum blonde once--very interesting results. It only last a few weeks, but it was fun for kicks and giggles.

  6. do it! I'm going platinum today!

  7. Live on the edge! I want to do purple myself. I'm trying to come up with a gimmick to get my kids at school to reach some goal and if they do it, I'll dye my hair. Kind of a win-win!