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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Speaking of June 22, 2010...

My book is now on Goodreads.


(Oh, and I am now on AuthorsNow!)

Thanks to everyone who has asked for an ARC. I'm really flattered and overwhelmed by the interest! I will pass all requests on to my publisher (though I can't promise how many will be available - please don't hold it against me!). Please include your blog link and relevant info about your audience, blog visitors, etc. Thanks!


  1. Is this the cover! I just flipped when I saw it on rgz! WOOT!

  2. Dude I asked first like 2yrs ago lol!!

  3. oh, oh, oh, oh, *hand wiggling, arm stretching ever higher in the air, voice squeaking to a pitch only dogs can hear* oh, oh, pick me...

    (okay, proper request in an email)

    i'm so excited for you, Holly - dreams really do come true

  4. This must be terribly exhilarating! I'm so far behind in the game I'm probably spinning my wheels asking for an ARC. But I'm asking anyway . . .

    Congratulations, Holly!

  5. Thanks, everybody!!

    Nope, no cover yet (though we hope to reveal it during Teen Read Week in October...crossing fingers...).

    Lol, for friends and blog readers, there will be blog contests and giveaways! Of course!

  6. Can I just skip the ARC and buy my own signed copy already? I'm going to be pretty excited when your book comes out. I'll have to block out a couple of days for some serious reading.

    Great job Holly! Where's the party at?

  7. Congrats, Holly! This is so exciting!

  8. That's great. When you do find out where the ARCs are going, please blog about it. I'd love to read what others are saying--and of course, I want to read it myself. :]