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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

SCBWI in LA: Jealousy!

Alas, I'm not going to the SCBWI Conference in LA this year, but last year's was one of the best I've attended (maybe because Secret Agent Edward called me a few minutes before I left for the airport to tell me he sold my books to the most Awesome Editor Ever...!)

So if you're not going, either - or even if you are - keep up with the goodies at the brand new SCBWI Conference Blog. Some highlights: an interview with Ellen Hopkins, Keynote Speaker interviews, and pics of Secret Agent Edward, who spoke at the NYC conference (I heard he might have mentioned me...).

Plus, you can follow the SCBWI team twittering:

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  • Follow SCBWI by clicking here, where you'll find links to all SCBWI Conference Blog posts.

  • Search Twitter for #scbwi09 to follow all conversations about the conference. I hope to hear about your experiences, too!


    1. Me, too!

      It was certainly quite a conference for you last year. :)

    2. Do msot people go every year? I wish I could have gone. But I know I'm not ready. Yet.