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Friday, August 07, 2009

DIY Friday: Make Sorbet

DIY Friday is back with things to make and do, August-style!

If you've been stuck in a heat wave like those of us in the Northwest, the best remedy I can think of (besides being in line for one of those a/c units selling out in 10 minutes), is to make sorbet.

Specifically, lemon or lime sorbet. Here is my favorite recipe, adapted from Epicurious:

2 cups water
2 cups sugar

Boil on the stove or microwave on high 6+ minutes and stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Cool completely in the refrigerator. Stir together with:

2 cups lemon or lime juice, chilled (I also tried a 16oz bottle of blueberry POMM - Yum!)

Pour entire mixture into ice cream maker (these proportions fit exactly into my little Cuisinart ice cream maker) and stir for 25 minutes, or do the freeze/stir/freeze/stir method. Freeze for a few hours and enjoy!


  1. This looks positively delish. I'll have to try it.

    Can you refresh me on the (ridiculously simple) recipe you mentioned for the coconut ice cream?

    And thank you for the visits. I love the quote/idea you shared, and i think i might have to do my own field work in this area. ;-)

  2. i love sorbet! i used to make strawberry all the time but lime sounds so perfect this time of year. i may have to try a batch.

  3. This looks sooo good! We'll have to try it.

    On a side note, I visited your blog the week you talked about moo cards. It was crazy because that very morning I was thinking I needed to order business cards! I ordered some and I LOVE THEM! Thanks for the tip! :)

  4. Dawn, hooray, I'm glad you love them! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

    Jet, I'll send it to you, and post it next Friday!

    I have to say, though, that a little scoop of pomm-blueberry next to a little scoop of lime is positively the BEST. The sour perfectly balances the sweet. In another life, I would be a sorbet chef.

  5. Holly, I think your lime sorbets cooled down the Northwest. So, thank you!

  6. Yay! Yum! Sorbet!

    Speaking of Yay! Thank you so much for all that you poured into your blog this summer. I felt fed and nurtured by the interviews and tips. I value the time you took to get the fire stoked under my writing belly.