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Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend YA-fest at Martha's

So...it's about a bazillion degrees in Seattle, or at least it seems that way to our delicate mostly-cloudy constitutions. Thank goodness there are cool people to hang out with:

Jay Asher was breezing through Seattle on his first tour ever (can you believe that?) after his stop in Bellingham, WA to hang out at Martha Brockenbrough's house with her lovely and well-spoken cousin, who has read 13 Reasons Why three times. Nice! Show Jay some love at any of his next tour stops (IL, VA, CT, DE, NJ, MA, NH - this means you).
Other authors and soon-to-be authors were in attendance, including Liz Gallagher, Kevin Emerson (author and rockstar, and rockstar author), triple-star Justina Chen Headley, Kim Baker, and Dana Arnim, plus rockstar librarian Jackie Parker (sporting boy- and recent ring-candy).
Kevin asked me, "So what is this...Smackdown...Summer...Thing?" Which made me remember that I should probably post about other things once in a while. Sorry to alienate non-smackdowners! Hmmm...but that gives me a whole new crop of authors to bug for the next wave of revision tips...


  1. Deeply jealous. And I heard the food was pretty good too.

  2. Good to see everybody! Sorry I missed Jay, but the food and company were fabulous. Fun night!

  3. Whaaaat?!!! Jealous. Wish i could hang with you like that!

  4. I am standing on a step so that I do not look runty. But now, I feel like a cheater.

  5. Martha - either that or you should try out for the revisionist Xena, Warrior Princess. You'd kick some Roman booty!