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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wednesday Whip Tip: inspiration from around the kidlitosphere

"You mean there are other writing and illustrating events happening around the kidlitosphere??"

Why yes, there are. Here's a partial roundup:

At readergirlz, the theme is ART SAVES! as we welcome Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg to talk about The Plain Janes. How do you think Art Saves? Show us! Click here to download the Art Saves template, then print it out and decorate it however you'd like. Scan or photograph the final version and email it as a JPG to artsaves@slayground.net. See the full details here.

Shari Green (one of our awesome Smackdowners!) is running a cool series called Fix-it Friday, for which she has culled lots of revision tips from YA authors like Cynthia Liu, Sara Zarr, and Dia Reeves. Check it out!

Paula Yoo (whose SRS Lash Flash you can find here!) has embarked on Friday 4000 - try it if you dare!

Inkygirl has issued a 1000 words/day challenge, complete with cute badges here.

And don't forget our own Jolie's Monday Moments writing starts over at CuppaJolie!

There are no doubt tons more. What challenges/tips/websites have you been haunting lately in your quest to crack the whip?


  1. Great links!

    Since I have a flexible schedule for work, I find that there's always something else to get done. I usually write when I am done with work, which often means I'm close to burn out mode. I decided to reverse my schedule. Starting this morning, I will write first before I deal with students and grading.

    Let's see if it makes a difference.

  2. Thanks for the links! And thanks so much for the Fix-It Friday mention! :)