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Friday, July 03, 2009

Summer Revision Smackdown: THE WHIPLASH AWARD!

The time has come, Smackdowners. This was no easy task, believe Jolie and me. We wanted to give an award to every single one of you (stay tuned for that...).

But first, I think we need a theme song to get us in the mood:

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One month, one book, one moment...

Are you in the mood now, Smackdowners?? Because we have some whip-lashin' awarding to do!

First, we have the Honorable Mentions:

For her sheer force of revision output, we dub Helen Landalf our first honorable mention. Helen completed a major revision of her YA novel, and with the guidance of her agent, has embarked on her final polish. Yay, Helen!

For revising both writing and illustrating and learning much through the process, we dub Realm Lovejoy our second honorable mention. Realm completed a graphic novel revision, wrote 80 pages of a new WIP, and completed six illustrations. Rock on, Realm!

For balancing illustration revisions with a mentor program, we dub Kjersten Anna Hayes our third honorable mention. Kjersten completed nine illustration spreads as well as the first phase of her mentor project. Woot, Kjersten!

And finally...the name you've been waiting for...our WHIPLASH AWARD recipient, who will be showered with our praise not only for her own considerable writing accomplishments this month (which she humbly did not deem award-worthy), but also for her encouragement to several other Smackdowners (you know who you are!) as well as flying across the planet for a family emergency to save the day....

Martha Brockenbrough! We hereby bestow THE WHIPLASH AWARD!

Congratulations, Martha!!!!!!!!!!!! We won't offer you crackers for dessert...instead, we offer coffee and licorice love, courtesy of Jolie and Holly.

Now, for all of you Smackdowners, we offer a badge of your licorice-lashing honor to commemorate the impressive work you have done here:

Or, if you prefer to put it in your sidebar:

Now give yourselves a big cheer, Smackdowners, and go on over to Holly's blog to sign up for the continuing saga of the Summer Revision Smackdown!!!!!!!!!


  1. martha! congratulations. you really do shine.

    holly, and jolie! thanks again for organizing this awesome online event.

    everyone else! it was fun to be inspired and encouraged by you. you're all shining lights out there!

  2. I've watched and read all comments, great job, everybody! Kudos to Jolie and Holly in keeping everyone so motivated too. :) Well done!

  3. Congratulations, Martha! You deserve it! Your presence was inspiring through the whole Smackdown.

    Aw, gee--I was surprised to be in the honorable mentions. Thanks, Holly and Jolie! You both worked hard to make the Smackdown program awesome.

    By the way, that Enya song fits perfectly!

  4. Great job Realm, you've been kicking butt all month!! You deserved it.

    Thanks Holly, you and Jolie have really provided us with a huge motivator this month. Excellent job and thanks for all the hard work. That's AWESOME that Martha won, she had my vote for sure, but you and Jolie were right there too!!!

    The Porsche all the smackdowners pitched in on should be pulling up in your driveway...

  5. I finally made it, Holly! My next goal is to submit my full draft to my critique group on Monday. Funny that I feel nervous even though they've been reading sections all along!