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Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Revision Smackdown: July Revision Report #3

Jolie and I continue to applaud all of you who are braving the smackdown with us. You make us proud!

Are you rockin' the revisions at this point? Or have you abandoned your smackage in pursuit of NPR's best beach read? Tell us how this week went: the good, the bad, and the beachy.

After sending my ms to Secret Agent Edward, I swapped with a couple of über-talented peers and have been kicking back with some fascinating beach reads of my own. Then there's thinking about the next book...

I'm curious, in the name of future Summer Revision Smackdowns: what motivates you to crack the whip? Tell us what worked and what didn't:
  • Best revision tips from authors and illustrators?
  • Setting goals for the month and weeks?
  • Friday check-ins?
  • Prizes?
  • Whip-cracking from Jolie, me, and other peers?
  • Revision Superheroes?

How can we make it better the next time around?


  1. Here's my post: http://deowriter.wordpress.com/2009/07/24/summer-smackdown-check-in/
    What has worked for me is stting goals and checking in.

  2. All has worked pretty good for me, though I wouldn't expect prizes, like you gals don't do enough.

    My SRS goals have been supplanted by other new ones given feedback from excellent sources. But I'm still here, just kinda under new guise, or goals. cheers smackdowners. Keep the faith.

  3. the possibilities once my agent say's "its ready"

  4. Still making good progress on my revisions, but not done yet. But I sooo want to start in on my summer TBR pile! It's calling me.... I'm leaving for 2 wks camping soon, and will read lots then, but the ms is coming with me, too.

    I love reading all the SRS posts and everyone's updates -- it's all motivating and inspiring. :)

  5. I had an adjustment with my mentor program schedule so I changed my goals for the week but I accomplished them. I finished my goals for the month. Good thing too because I'm off for vacation.

    I've liked all parts of the smackdown. Checking in and setting goals has been great. I loved all the revision tips too.


  6. It was really great slogging along on revision with folks from all over the Pacific Northwest.

    I revised two manuscripts from May to mid-July, and knew I was not alone while cutting, and cutting and pasting, and overhauling conclusions.

    Summer was the perfect time for the Smackdown, and you led with grace but firmness.

    Thanks for letting me in!

    I have two manuscripts out in the universe now, thanks to the Whip!

  7. I'm trying to write this during a thunderstorm! I have a nervous cat on my lap and the dog is on the couch next to me. :)

    This week was a little frustrating at times. I kept getting stuck in the same part. The best method for me is to keep plugging away. Sooner or later, the stuck parts get unstuck, and I can move along again.

    I appreciate all the encouragement and the tips from writers.

  8. I love all the tips and check-ins!

    I got a lot of writing done, about 6k this week...but not so much illustrations. I was glad to see Art Saves piece go up though! With my grandma and all, it's been very busy for me going in and out of the hospital.

    Cheers, everyone!

  9. setting goals and checking in with a like minded community has been a great experience. i've been energized and inspired by the weekly stories of struggle and success. i've gotten to know other writers and illustrators i've never met! and all the in depth revision posts rocked.

    thanks again, holly and jolie, for all your work in bringing us together.

    now, to state my progress: no finished art this week, but i made a super big decision that has required a lot of logistical maneuvering. i am abandoning the plan to submit directly to editor x. new plan: get an agent, and go to the l.a. conference, where the chance of meeting the agent of my dreams is better than it is here in my living room.

  10. My husband challenges me by betting I can't finish a draft by a certain date and time. Nothing prods me on more than a little healthy competition with myself (with my spouse as a witness.)