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Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Revision Smackdown: July Revision Report #2

Looking for a place to report your revisionary awesomeness? Then Jolie's blog is the place to be today. Though feel free to say hello here - it's gotten all lonely around here since June wrapped up!


  1. Hello, Holly!

    Were you cracking the whip at 4 am?!?

  2. LOL. No. We post our SRS blogs to go off at 4am Pacific so all of our Eastern friends can get them served up fresh!

  3. Mmmm. Fresh whipping. :-)

    This weekend, I can't wait to read a draft of a novel by a friend of mine. Does that count as revision progress?

  4. Hey, thanks for the link....

  5. Martha is talking in code. I have a "friend" too. I can talk in code too.

    Holly are you going to eat cookies 'n cream ice cream this week or jello pudding snack. Chocolate, that is, of course.

    The rat has eaten the cord. The rat has eaten the cord.

    And the Stinky Cheese Man is not that stinky...

  6. Observe, no question mark. Mistake? Or was I just messing with a grammarian?

    I need to reread Strunk and White.

    And Holly, thank you again for putting up such a colorful, flamboyant picture of me in my scarlet tights. Actually, really thank you. And best of luck with your novel all finished and sent off to your "secret" agent. Come to think of it, I think there's a lot of code floating around these parts. Must investigate...

    And my "secret" word verification right now is: crato. Hmm.