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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summer Revision Smackdown: Continuing the Whip

You asked for it. We can’t refuse.

SRS lives on in July! Wherplash!

Now, we must say, it will have a toned down—more chillin’ by the lake—sort of summer vibe than it had in June, but the accountability factor will still be there. We hope you’ll refer back to the MANY tips that were shared by our talented guests. And please feel free to send us your own. We won’t be doing double duty revision tip posts, but we will post revision related news now and again.

So, here’s the deal: state your July revision (or other writing/illustrated related) goal for the month. Then, as we did in June, check in each Friday, and tell us how you’re doing.

July is a tough month, licorice smacking friends. There’s the Fourth, travel, guest, kids at home, and lovely sunshine (we hope) calling our name—all of it pulling us away from our work. But with the right focus, a goal in mind, and support from this fantastic group of people…we’ll get there. Just look at how much has already been accomplished.

So, tell us: What is your July SRS goal?


  1. I'm in! While I didn't officially sign up last time, I read all of you gal's posts. I'm fired up now! My goal is to have a total of 50K words done by end of July with one pass thru revision. I'm at about 20K now in my WIP, I had been around 30K but deleted a bunch of junk.

  2. My July revision goal is to finish the revision--to have a final manuscript (or as final as I want it to be before it goes where it needs to go).

    I also want to finish the outline of my WIP.

  3. I'm in!
    Gosh, I don't know what specific goal I can set since I do not know my work schedule this month. I will commit to continue working daily on my YA manuscript. I hope to be done with a rough draft by the end of the month; however, if I have a full load of classes, this might not happen.

  4. Woot! I am so in.

    My goals for July:
    -get min 4k words done per week
    -min 2 illustrations per week

    I finally admitted that 3 illustrations per week was unrealistic and now lowering the count to up the quality-level.

  5. My July goal is to complete my FINAL revision of my YA novel and have it in to my agent by July 13th. By the end of July, my goal is to have a solid idea for my next novel.

    Thanks, Holly and Jolie, for doing this and continuing it!

  6. Yahoo, new faces (Cinde!!) and June Smackdowners! Great to have all of you in for July SRS!

    My goal is a lot like Jolie's and Helen's - I need to finish this second novel revision & run it by 1-2 people before sending it to Secret Agent Man mid-month. I've started the loose tooth 3rd draft and am about 1/3 through (thanks to insomnia). Yay, insomnia! Then I hope to catch up on a couple of other projects non-novel-related.

  7. Ha, love that insomnia.

    WOOHOO! Yes, this is awesome. Get back to you on my July goals. Thank you Jolie and Holly. A slightly chiller SRS will be VERY helpful. You guys did a lot in addition to the SRS goals, with all the tips, kind comments, visiting any SRS-related posts. I think you two deserve the reward. You know I'm in.

    And great job Jolie, on getting through a major revision. I'm curious as can be what your story is about. There's gotta be some humor in there right? You are one funny gal.

    And Sara is that the awesome-looking graphic novel that you're doing with Jaime? I saw it on your website and thought it looked really neat.

    Holly, you did all this SRS stuff and your novel is now read to send out? Wow.

  8. i am sooo in for the super chill summer smackdown of july!

    this month, i aim to finish all my artwork (4 pages finished in full color). this was my goal for june, and i made progress, but july will see it done. DONE! wherplash!

    maybe i can squeeze in one more revision of the graphic novel ms i revised in june, and with the artwork, send it out! OUT! wherplash!

    then i will read a mystery novel under a shade tree.

  9. Yay! I'm in. I'm going to be out of town for a lot of July, so hopefully setting some sort of goal will at least keep me on task while I'm at home (which I'm not right now -- Yay for Grandmas who live in California).

    I'm going to finish phase 2 of my mentor program assignment. I'm also going to fully revise 2 spreads in my work-in-progress dummy and finish a new draft of a re-visioned picture book.

  10. I'm in. My goal - a first-round revision of YA novel so that it's ready for my critique group.

  11. Okay, here's my list. I'm going to finish the revision of the writing book I'm doing and get it read by willing volunteers. I'm going to assess the terrible, sagging first draft of the YA novel that's maturing (or suppurating) in my folders somewhere, and start polishing it. And I'm going to get a detailed plan done of my adult novel, which is currently a bunch of ideas scribbled on paper and stuffed in a pretty box! Wish me luck!

  12. I'm in. June was a little sidetracked with school stuff and a new manuscript. July is dedicated to finishing up the revision and sending it out before the end of this month. This will be fun! Thanks for continuing the Smackdown!

  13. My goal is to meet my July 22 deadline for this first round of revisions. Not an easy task with camps and conferences and kids out of school between now and then. Still... crrraaack!

  14. Well, I came in a few days late, but I did finish my picture-book revision on July 2! Yay! I'm not sure what the rest of July will have in store for me time-wise, but my goals are:
    1) rough draft another picture-book idea, and
    2) revise said picture book until satisfied (which will probably last me the whole summer).

  15. I am in. I am gone this weekend but next week plan to stick my nose into the last half of my MG project. My goal: to have ready by August 1 to send to someone outside my writing group to read for feedback.

  16. Suppurating... ooh good word, I've never even heard of it before.

    All right my goal is...

    Get three new rough chapters down.

    I have a very cool conference coming up in about a week where I get ARTHUR A FREAKING LEVINE to give me a one chapter manuscript review (THANK YOU MARTHA!). The conference is at Reed college in Portland and lasts almost a week, so that could be tough to get much work done.

    BUT three chapters at least in July. That's my goal. I'm kind of hoping to finish my entire draft by the end of summer, so I have to do it. Feel free to kick me in the butt if I fall behind peeps. I really want to get this novel finished!!!!

  17. Count me in!
    Thanks for the continued whip cracking, Holly and Jolie.

    I still have to give some serious thought to my goals for this month, but will post them so that they will strike actionable fear into my heart.

    BJW, that's great you're attending the PSU/Reed conference. Linda Zuckerman gave us critique reviews at the SCBWI-OR summer picnic two weeks ago and she's a consummate pro. And (drumroll, please)you'll get to meet Marla Frazee!


    Is anyone attending SCBWI-LA? Please let me know.

  18. I'm in! My July goal is to finish the re-write of my YA before my family vacation at the end of the month, so all I'll have to do later in August is a tweak-and-polish pass before sending it back to my agent. This feels a bit like a lofty goal, but what the heck: aim high, lol! How much I actually get done really comes down to how much time I have to spend at the day job....

    Good luck to everyone! :)

  19. Count me in. I am ready for serious concentrated writing time revising my historical novel. My goal is to have it done by the end of July and ready to send out.
    Thanks everybody and good luck!

  20. Wow, the SCBWI summer picnic sounds awesome, I wish I could've gone. Thanks Amy! I'm very excited.

    This is my third Reed conference. Last time I went, the SRS superstar Kirby Larson was there fresh off her Newbery Honor. I even got to be in her critique group which was incredible. This year Marla's fresh off her Caldecott Honor conquest. There's something in the water there I swear. OH, and BONNY BECKER is faculty too fresh off her Golden Kite award. Whew. Pretty neat conference. Jolie is a veteran attendee of the "conference formerly known as haystack" as well, Jamie T is too (pretty sure). Tons of really cool faculty that I'd gush about but would take too long.

    Many moons ago, Linda Z edited one of my Dad's books, The Dream Stair by Betsy James. I even own a piece of her husband's artwork. He does awesome painted gourds and other cool stuff.

    I love Marla, the most stylishly hip artist I've ever met. She showed us the funniest illustration of a naked Santa that she painted to show her son that her Santa's proportions were correct. HILARIOUS. (this is nothing against SCBWI regional, summer or other conferences that I adore as well) (sorry COMPLETELY off topic)

  21. REALLY wish I was going to LA SCBWI Amy.

  22. Yay July SRS! Starting the day I get back from vacation, I'm going to rewrite one scene a day. I gotta get this 2nd draft finished!

  23. Okay I'm in -- though must get a new whip as they are scrumptious! Hum . . . I'm continuing to write/revise a new book -- gentle revision as the ideas are flowing and I don't have much time to breathe Zolyan air before 2 - yes 2 editorial letters come by which time I'll be revising two mss. up the yin yang!

    See you whipper snappers later.


  24. Ahhh, July. I'm taking notes on the rest of my novel (last third?), and revising, rewriting, and getting it ready for a final run-through in August. Yay! Thanks!

  25. I wasn't in on the first round but count me in for July. I took on Tristi's Challenge to get at least 200 pages of the revisions done on my novel and I know that if something besides my own commitment doesn't keep me accountable I may not make it. SRS sounds like an excellent idea!


  26. I'll gladly join in! I need to keep the momentum up and this is just what I need! Thanks for continuing this:)

  27. Oh, okay! SRS goals for July:

    --Write the script for a contracted graphic novel. (Waiting on editor's approval of the detailed scene-by-scene breakdown I sent off today, but I expect to be sitting down to specifically write that by later on this week.)

    --In off hours, continue working on the mg novel revision I started in June.

  28. BJW,

    I look forward to meeting you one day! Now I am wishing that my budget was big enough to include the July conference as well. Drat. Oh well, one can dream.

    And speaking of dreams, I will definitely check out The Dream Stair as well.

    As for my July goals, I intend to tighten up a new picture book about a dog and a pig who are house mates- how wacky and original! I bet no one's thought of different species cohabitating in the realm of children's lit before - clearly, I'm a visionary.

    If there's time, I hope to work on my early chapter buddy book as well.

    Happy creating to all you other SRS'ers out there!

  29. My four-legged muse, Winston, told me to stop whining and be a big dog. So, here it is: 15,000 words before the sun sets on July 31st.

  30. My oh my, you people are rockin' the whiplash. We might just have to have another award this month!

  31. I'm in! Book 2 ready for editor by July 31st!

  32. Going for the Nano-big 50,000 word first draft by 7/31. At 15,000 today (7/7) so the daily word count math is not pretty. Still, it's worth a try :)

  33. Oh goodness me! I'm late I'm late I'm late! This is going to be comment #33! I guess Summer Revision Smackdown is the place to be these days!

    I'm also going to a conference in Oregon, but it's on the coast. I hope it will be a HUGE springboard forward for my writing, especially this #$%&J* revision which I am wrangling with. (I feel like I'm circling it with a lasso, but haven't got a hold it!) Let's see if July can be the magic month!

    OK - here are my goals:

    1. Finish all NEW scenes I need to add for clarity/drama/overall improvement.
    2. Edit 10 chapters.
    3. Cut 10,000 words minimum
    4. Have a rockin' good time!

    Thanks Holly & Jolie!

    Molly H.

  34. June taught me that I take on too much. I promise to participate in the "chill" part of the Smackdown. I'll revise, but I'll also let myself creatively wander off-track in the next few months. I will take the spirit of this wonderful challenge into the fall.