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Monday, July 06, 2009

SRS and Return to Regular Programming

The Summer Revision Smackdown lives on! State your goals, join the Facebook group, check out the revision tips series on my blog and on Jolie's blog, and leave your goals for the week in the comments. We'll continue Revision Report Fridays and occasional revision tips/news, so get cracking!

June turned out to be hugely productive for me - thanks to encouragement from other revisioners! My second novel (code name: CREED) went from a first draft of just over 85K to a readable, faster-paced second draft of under 70K, and I started what Anne Lamott calls the "loose tooth" draft (basically, tinkering at the line-edit level). I hope to finish that today or tomorrow and get it in the hands of a couple of eager readers.

Tell Me A Secret news: I turned in the final edit! Other cool stuff happening, too...the process of turning a manuscript into a book continues to amaze and humble me.

Over at readergirlz, we are welcoming the turbo-team of Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg, author and illustrator of The Plain Janes and Janes in Love of the now-defunct (boohoo) Minx line of graphic novels for girls. Stop on by to welcome them! And stay tuned for the rgz LIVE chat:
More catch-up tomorrow, including Lorie Ann Grover's fabulous new board book, Bedtime Kiss for Little Fish! (Don't you adore that title?) Now off to revise...


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