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Monday, June 01, 2009

SRS: Whip of the Week #1

Jolie and I have been amazed by the wild licorice waves of you who have signed up to participate in the Summer Revision Smackdown (if you haven't, sign up here, and you can visit the Facebook event page here - and if we accidentally missed you, let us know)! So...we award each and every one of you the first WHIP OF THE WEEK award:

Our Whips of Wonder and their goals:
  • Cuppa Jolie: finish revising YA, and outline a new WIP!
  • Holly Cupala: second draft of that second YA novel, woot!
  • Beth Kephart: revises and revises...the revision queen!
  • Molly Blaisdell: she's in, and she's not telling how...
  • Kirby Larson: eschew the rules and revise like crazy...
  • Martha Brockenbrough: two top secret PBs and a novel draft headed for the lash line!
  • CocoaStomp: non-top-secret dummies, NTS art, and a truly top secret secret...
  • Sara: tweak the rules and finish the rewrite!
  • Justina Chen Headley: some secrets are worth the wait...
  • Realm Lovejoy: finish the first, crack the whip with 20 pages per week on #2!
  • Kjersten: 2 illustration spreads per week!
  • Robin: she's in, she's in!
  • C. N. Nevets: throwing her licorice in the pot with double the overhaul power!
  • Vivian: finish that FINAL revision, baby!
  • kbaccellia: her goals are secret...for now...
  • Lorie Ann Grover: revise through June, and on and on!
  • Kim Baker: move forward, girl!
  • jillalex: she promises details to come...
  • beth: finish the rough draft, fix the problems, and get to the betas by June 30!
  • Kelly: what to do after the first draft...
  • Julie Reinhardt: nail that satisfying MG ending, and rewrite the PB!
  • Annie Gage: keep on the revising train with index cards and the trusty bulletin board!
  • Deb Lund: reread, refrain, rewrite!
  • motherhoodtales: fly by the seat of her pants and get her feet wet with accountability!
  • maya ganesan: get going to finish that first draft!
  • Lois Brandt: stop being a novel slut and revise just one novel!
  • -karen ann.: revise that graphic novel manuscript and finish the artwork!
  • Judy Bodmer: revise her 30 chapters, five per week!
  • Jennifer Mann: current PB ms and illustrations, & start another PB dummy!
  • Susan Uhlig Ford: process 4 critiques on her creepy MG and get ready for submission!
  • Lisa L. Owens: get that shaky first draft ready to sell again!
  • Michele Gawenka: return to that MG novel and make it A-list!
  • Lee Wind: revise the revision goals...with licorice!
  • Laurie Schneider: a chapter a week on that MG novel!
  • jone: awake and raring to go on revision!
  • Joni Sensel: 5 or more chapters on the third FWQ book!
  • Michèle Griskey: produce 4 pages/day and turn that screenplay into a YA!
  • Robin Gaphni: finish that MG novel and polish a chapter book!
  • HelenL: revise, tweak, and copyedit that YA novel for her agent!
  • Jet Harrington: SFD by June 30!
  • ElanaJ: is in!
  • lauriethompson: YYC first 3 chapters, proposal, query, and assignment #10 - wherplash!
  • Alison Weatherby: 2 YA chapers per week!
  • Brenda Winter Hansen: 1 chapter every two days!
  • Krista Mercer: she's *got* to finish that draft!
  • Shelley S.: finish that novel, revise it, and outline companion novel - no excuses!
  • Plus all of the facebook participants who are going to post their goals...right?

Give yourselves a pat on the back, and then werplash! Get revising!

My goals for the week: finish reading through my first draft and spreadsheet my critique group's comments, assign a color to each chapter (green=wow all the way to red=red alert!), and list action items for each chapter.

You have your larger goals, but how will you break that down this week?

And don't miss tomorrow...Smackdown Spotlight at both Jolie's blog and mine!


  1. Whoa! LOTS of revision going on and I love that. (But I'll donate my licorice to charity. Any suggestions?)

    I'm revising a MG novel this month! And soliciting and reading feedback on a second MG novel.


  2. Woot, Darcy's in the house! Smackdowners, Darcy has THE MOST comprehensive revision blog on the web, no contest. http://www.darcypattison.com. She'll keep you going, too, with her amazing tips!

  3. I have a copy of Darcy's NOVEL METAMORPHOSIS ready to assist me!

    My Week 1 goals: Reread my draft and make initial big-picture notes on the ms (Tues-Wed); implement any easy changes (if any!) that make sense to "just do" and create a revision plan using iWork and/or Notebook (Wed-Fri).

  4. Laughing at your post here, Holly. A good thing, since I just spent the whole day revising an entire page and when I read some of the words to my son it was clear I still have some revising to do.

    Please do know that by revision queen I meant, the woman who has to do more revising than anyone else on the planet.

    (just in case any of your dear readers conclude that I apply that tag with a whiff of self-elevating arrogance)

  5. Hi! Just posted my blog here and I'm signing up to participate. Not sure how much I'll get done - trying to work on a couple of first drafts of other projects, but I have a troublesome YA novel I need to revise and perhaps turn into a mid gr., so I figure somehow I can try to keep that alive with SRS! http://paulayoo.com/content/summer-revision-smackdown-mon-6109
    Paula Yoo

  6. I am so excited to get this done! Thanks for getting us on track!

  7. Great idea, Holly and Jolie. This week, I'm going to read first draft and figure out revision goals for a MG novel.

  8. I have a ton of revision to do. If Beth is the queen of revision, I'll have to settle for a princess seat.

    This week? I'm focusing on whipping my last fifty pages into shape.

  9. I signed up and posted my goals over on Jolie's blog. I'm aiming to work on revisions of my YA for 3 hrs/day, 5 days/wk in June. Hopefully, that'll put a huge dent in the revisions!